Our Story

Two families with a love for the Zimbabwean bush – and a desire for others to experience an incredibly distinctive landscape and its wildlife – came together in 2012 to create an understated luxury safari camp in the stunning Matusadona National Park of Zimbabwe.

Thoughtfully designed to blend into the natural landscape, the camp is shaded by mopani and zig zag terminalia trees and takes advantage of the breathtakingly beautiful views over the lake towards the brooding Matusadona mountains.

“Our families have camped and fished in this area for as long as we can remember, so it was an honour and privilege to have the opportunity to build a unique safari camp on a beautiful shoreline concession .”

The Preston and Higgins families want others to embark on a journey with loved ones that lead to lifelong memories.

Here,  at Changa, a passion for adventure and discovery is ignited in both adults and children, allowing you to spend time together away from life’s busy schedules.

The stunning Matusadona National Park is a rugged playground; you’ll love exploring it, going on adventurous game drives, playing in the dry riverbeds and picnicking under large leadwood trees… Changa inspires the inner child in all of us, when every sense is enlivened and family and friends time, beach chilling, pool play, starlight bathing, fireside stories, breezy boat cruises, bush walk smells and bare feet in camp are the order of the day.

And if, like everyone who knows and loves Changa, you wish to instil in your children a love and passion for our immensely beautiful country, its landscapes and wildlife, then you are in the right place… it is here that we can all learn from the bush, we can be part of leaving a legacy for the future – and, along with Changa, we can be proud to make a difference through a commitment to conserving one of the world’s most exquisite wildlife areas.


Engaging staff and expert guides complete Changa’s generous hospitality offering and we can’t wait to help you feel at home in our beautiful camp.


Professional Guide

Daffy” has been with us for as long as we can remember and really is a pillar of Changa. He joined the Hide in March 2000 and qualified as a Professional Guide in 2002. His previous experience as a Learner Guide working for a canoe adventure company took him to Kariba and the Zambezi River as well as Zambia. With a reputation for tracking down the big cats, a charismatic sense of humour and the patience of a saint, he is well known and much loved and he has his guests coming back time and time again to experience his genuine hospitality and incredible knowledge of the bush.

Daffy is married with 5 children. His interests include learning more about his profession and he enjoys photography.


Head Guide & Head of Maintenance

Inspired by the beauty of the Matusadona wilderness and wildlife, it is Greg’s privilege, as Head Guide, to share some unforgettable experiences with guests. It is also Greg’s honour, as Head of Maintenance, to ensure that the camp runs smoothly behind the scenes.

“My favourite animal is the lion; maybe because it is protective and powerful, just like me!”


Learner Guide

Kenneth is a relatively new face at Changa. As a Learner Guide, he is focused on delivering the best safari experiences for guests whilst taking every opportunity to expand his knowledge across the variety of activities on offer.

“I’ve developed a huge love for the area’s uniqueness, especially the insect life, as my favourite field is entomology.”

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