Among the indulgences at this charming lakeside retreat, a sense of having all the time in the world is one of its most luxurious.

The cool of the early mornings might see you setting out on a guided walk, where nature’s little details come into full focus. A game drive might be more your style and can take you further afield, round to the flood plain and the red sandy shoreline where the resident lion pride is known to hang out. Or if fishing is your thing, you can cast off from the bank or from a boat.

Changa’s guides are keen to share their hot spots with you!

Game Drive

Explore a little further afield on a game drive. Journey out to explore the diversity of landscape and discover the incredible wildlife and birds of the area with your expert guide.

Walking Safaris

The ultimate all-sensory experience, when you get up close to the details, beyond the constraints of a vehicle… tracking and approaching animals on foot with an experienced guide is a total thrill.

Boat Cruises

Take in the incredible scenery as you skim along the surface of one of the world’s largest man-made lakes or enjoy the tranquility of puttering around the shoreline near feeding elephants and active water birds.


Kariba is home to numerous freshwater species, including bream, but the most famous is Africa’s finest fresh water fighting fish, the Tiger Fish.


A calm and rejuvenating massage or treatment in the most idyllic setting could not be a more pampering experience. Indulge a little… you’re on holiday.


The beauty of the bush combines with all the benefits of yoga in this pristine landscape. Focus on your breath and feel a deep sense of calm as each sound and sensation soothes and revives.

Safari Sundowners

As the day ends, you can toast Kariba’s spectacular sunsets. The safari ritual of your favourite drink or cocktail at dusk in a breathtaking bush setting is a glorious experience.


Matusadona’s lakeshore is excellent for hippo, crocodile, elephant, and buffalo. Also look out for waterbuck, impala, kudu and occasionally zebra. You may be lucky enough to come across lion near Changa, while leopard, hyena and cheetah are rare but thrilling sightings.


With more than 240 bird species recorded in Matusadona, you’ll be twitching away, but commonly spotted are the Malachite kingfisher, African fish eagle, Grey heron, Reed cormorant and Saddle billed stork.


This once-in-a-lifetime experience can only be memorable, exciting and wildly romantic at our special camp in one of the world’s most beautiful settings.

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