Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining…

Changa is looking magical as always with panoramic views, scenic skies, the majestic Matusadona mountains in view and as green season rolls in, lush vibrant grasslands emerge in the bush.

Lake Kariba is currently at its lowest levels since 1995/6, whist this may come across as a negative we are happy to say ‘every cloud has a silver lining’. The positive aspect is the re-emergence of vast swards of the rejuvenating and highly palatable torpedo grass (Panicum repens) along the ever-expanding shoreline. This vibrant emerald grassland has lured good numbers of herbivores including elephant, buffalo, zebra, impala and waterbuck to the shoreline where they are now semi-habituated. And of course, the predators are ever present.

Our current favourite sighting is of a young female leopard that has taken up residence not far from camp. To the delight of our guests, she has on several occasions, been observed from our deck hunting catfish and terrapin in the receding waters. She has also been spotted shifting in trees while feeding and trekking across our beach.

As their contribution to conservation and preservation, our team recently embarked on a cleanup campaign on the Lake Kariba shoreline around our camp. Due to the receding levels of the lake, a large amount of rubbish has been exposed. The team collected this rubbish and had some fun doing it.

A picture says a thousand words and a video speaks millions. Whilst we’ve told you about our little piece of heaven, our new promo video will describe all the beauties of Changa that we can’t put into words.

Click WATCH NOW to view it.

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