Are You Ready For The Changa Experience?

Do you long to break away ‘from the madding crowd?’

Do you yearn for ‘…the waters and the wild?’

Do you seek a safari getaway that realizes all your dreams?

If the answer is YES to all of the above, then you’re ready for the CHANGA EXPERIENCE!!

Imagine going on safari – not to hunt wildlife – but to observe and enjoy it, while trekking through the African bush with an experienced and expert guide, or while onboard a modern land-cruiser, or boating close to the shore-line – while at the same time, fishing for tiger if you so wish!

Imagine sleeping in 5 star tented accommodation with huge comfortable beds, indoor and outdoor showers and baths, luxurious furnishings AND each with its own private section of beach along a 4km stretch of Lake Kariba shoreline which is Changa. And you might also want to imagine watching, from your bed, the sun rising over the lake!

Are you starting to get the picture?

Now, imagine excellent cuisine, freshly prepared and presented by our experienced chefs and served in either our dining area – open to views of the lake – or, if you so wish, served on the beach by lamp-light and of course accompanied by the finest wines. Of course, all this would come after you’ve enjoyed ‘sundowners’ on our lake-facing deck while listening to the song of some of our 300+ species of birds that inhabit the Matusadona area, or watching the hippo, elephant and impala on their daily walkabout along the Changa shoreline.

Of course, if none of this is to your liking, then you can leave Changa to others and try to get it out of your mind.

But, don’t take our word for any of this – CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF!

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