A Christmas In The African Bush

Christmas time spent in the African bush is always a magical occasion and we delight in sharing this wonderful time with our guests. It has certainly been a festive few days with families coming together to spend quality time with their loved ones in an unforgettable setting.

Our staff take great care in making a fuss of our guests on such a special day of thanksgiving. From early morning tea trays delivered to tents with mini mince pies to gastronomic Christmas lunchtime and dinner feasts prepared by our Chefs, it has been a time of great excitement and joy for all of us.

Not forgetting the beautiful scenery around us, the Matusadona National Park is adorned in colour at this time of the year. It really is unbelievable how quickly the turnover happens after the first rains, you can literally watch the grass and leaves turn green under your toes.

Not only does the rain bring new life to a dry and dusty landscape, but it also brings new life to the animal world with thousands of bright Red Velvet mites emerging from the ground as well as dainty impala lambs being born.

For our guests in particular, a Christmas at Changa is a unique and treasured experience, where memories are made and new friendships are formed.

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